In English : the list of CIWL trains.

The so many people, everywhere in the world, who do not speak French, but who have the courage to try to read and understand this French “Trainconsultant” website, will appreciate our care to translate in English some of the leading articles already published such as the Orient Express and the glorious trains of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons Lits (CIWL). Here is a list that we wish to be the most complete possible of all the trains running under the CIWL label, with their dates of creation and their route or service between the main towns.

The famous crest of the CIWL seen in the 1930s. It was on both sides of all the rolling stock.

1882-1882     TRAIN ECLAIR PARIS-VIENNE     

Has been running from October 10th to 13th, tried as a 7 coach test train.

1883-2009     ORIENT-EXPRESS           

Runs on June 5th for the Paris-Vienna-Budapest-Bucarest-Giurgewo service. On October 4th: real launching with new bogie rolling stock for the service linking  to Be!grade and Nisch. In 1889 Constantinople is reached. The last train with the name “Orient Express” runs in 2009 between Strasburg and Vienna.

Orient-Express and Sud-Express trains compared, in 1900.
One of the last Orient-Express train, seen at the Gare de l’Est, Paris, in the 1960s. The powerfuk 4-8-2 SNCF locomotive hauls the traui at a speed of 120 km/h between Paris and Strasburg.

1883-1884     CALAIS NICE ROME EXPRESS     

Service starting on December 8th on the Calais-Nice-Genoa-Rome route.

1886-(1889?)     TROUVILLE EXPRESS     

Runs from July 10th to 4 September 4th. Travels on Saturdays and returns on Mondays. No sleeping-cars. Runs again from 1904 to 1924.

1887-1971     SUD EXPRESS   

Service starting on November 5th, for the Paris-lrun-Madrid service. In 1895 : the direct lrun-Lisbonn service is opened.

The Sud-Express ready to leave Paris (Gare d’Austerltz) in 1925. The cars are still with the old teak wooden body and clerestory roofs.

1889-2007     CALAIS MÉDITERRANÉE EXPRESS            

For the Calais-Paris (Gare du Nord+Gare de Lyon)-Marseille-Nice-San Remo service. Is renamed “Méditerranée Express” in 1891, after the launching of the “Club train” between London and Paris. See here under at “Méditerranée Express”

1889-1899     PARIS BORDEAUX EXPRESS        

Service starting on June 3rd between Paris and Bordeaux, cancelled at the end of summer 1889.

1889-1890     MARSEILLE NICE EXPRESS          

Stops at Monte-Carlo, and this train is cancelled as soon as next year.

1889-1893     CLUB TRAIN      

Runs between London and Dover, and Calais and Paris too, and with a special rolling stock. Train cancelled in 1893.

1897-1930     EOMBAY EXPRESS         

For the Boulogne-Calais-Marseille service and in connection with the British P&O boats for Bombay.


For the Calais-Modane-Turin-Bologne-Brindisi service, and, for the return service, with the name « Malle des Indes »

1890-1914     MALLE DES INDES         

For the Brindisi-Bologne-Turin-Modane-Calais service. Some sleeping-cars are added in this mail train.

1890-1914     SUISSE EXPRESS             

For the Calais-Ostend-Amsterdam-Lucerne service.

1890-1902     ROME EXPRESS

Service starting on November 15th via the Mont-Cenis and for the Calais-Paris-Genoa-Pise-Florence-Rome-Naples service.

1894-1895     PYRÉNÉES EXPRESS       

For the Paris-Bordeaux-Biarritz-Luchon service.

1894-1939     OSTENDE VIENNE EXPRESS        

Starting on June 1st for the Ostend-Brussels-Nuremberg-Vienna service. In 1901 is renamed as the “Ostend-Viena-Orient-Express” and for the service linking   Amsterdam-Bucharest via Cologne, Vienna, and Budapest.

The Ostend-Vienna Express in 1910 on the Belgian State railways. Note the typical six-Wheeler CIWL luggage-van.

1894-1939     OSTENDE TRIESTE EXPRESS       

For the Ostend-Trieste serice, in connection with the “Lloyd Triestina”.

1895-1939     OBERLAND EXPRESS     

For the Boulogne-Paris-Berne-Interlaken service.

1896-1939     NORD EXPRESS

For the Paris-Ostend-Liège-Berlin-St Petersburg service. In 1899 Warsaw is reached, and later Kaunas and Riga in 1921, Hamburg and Altona in 1929, Copenhagen and Stockholm in 1949, and Oslo in 1951.

The Nord Express in 1890 in Belgium hauled by a 4-4-0 steam locomotive (same as above) of the Belgian State railways, though it’s British design.
The Nord-Express leaving the Gare du Nord in Paris in 1910. The 4-6-0 Nord locomotive is one of the best “runners” of the company, though not a Pacific.

1896-1898     VIENNE NICE EXPRESS  

For the Vienna-Venice-Genoa-Ventimiglia service.


Starting on November 9th and for the Berlin-Verona service, and later for Berlin-Milan-Nice-Cannes service.

1898-1914     St-PETERSBURG VIENNE NICE CANNES             

For the St-Petersbourg-Vilno-Warsaw-Zamblowice-Vienna-Venice-Verona-Genoa-Vintimille-Nice-Cannes service.

The empire of the CIWL in the 1910s.

1898-1939     CAIRO LOUXOR EXPRESS            

Runs between Cairo and Luxor.

1898-1917     SIBERIAN EXPRESS         

Runs from Moscow to Irkutsk.

Later Transsiberian Express, the Siberian Express in the 1910s with it’s Russian locomotive and typical CIWL Rolling stock.

1898-1899     LUCHON EXPRESS          

Runs during the summer between Paris and Luchon, and later reaches Hendaye.


Runs from October between Amsterdam, Brussels, and Mons.

1889-1899    ROYAN EXPRESS            

Runs between Paris and Royan.

1900-1914     RIVIERA EXPRESS           

Runs for the Berlin-Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Lyon-Nice-San Remo service. In 1931 this train is replaced  by the Riviera Naples Express (See at this name).


Runs from June for the Berlin-Frankfurt am Oder-Breslau-Oderberg-Budapest service.

1900- (?)    NICE EXPRESS   

For the Paris-Nice-Ventimiglia service.

1900-1914     NEW-YORK EXPRESS     

For the Paris-Cherbourg boat-train service for the North German Lloyd and it’s steam liners for New-York.


Runs on the Paris-Le Havre boat-train service for the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and it’s steam liners for New-York.

Travellers dreaming for the American way of life arriving at Le Havre station in the 1900s.
The “Transatlantique Express” and it’s Etat Pacific in 1928. Luc Fournier collection.

1901-1906     ENGADINE EXPRESS      

For the Boulogne-Paris-Bale-Zurich-Coire service.

The Engadin Express on the French Est railways around 1890.

1901-1939     CARLSBAD EXPRESS      

For the Paris-Karlsruhe-Stuttgart-Nuremberg-Carlsbad service.

1901-1902     AMSTERDAM and OSTEND SWITZERLAND      

For the Amsterdam-Ostend-Lucerne-Coire service.

1901-1914     SAVOIE EXPRESS            

For the Paris-Evian-Genève-Aix les Bains-Grenoble service.

1902-1903     TUNIS ORAN EXPRESS   

Runs between Tunis, Alger and Oran. Train cancelled in 1903.

Tunis-Ora, Express in 1903.


For the service, via the le Brenner pass, concerning Berlin-Florence-Rome-Naples-Palermo-Bologna.

1903-1929     BARCELONA EXPRESS    

For the Paris-Nimes-Sète-Narbonne-Port Barcelona service.

1904-1910     CABOURG EXPRESS       

Runs during the summer between Paris and Cabourg.


Runs three times a week between Paris-Aix les Bains, via Chambéry, Genève and Évian

1904-1906     OBERLAND LEMAN EXPRESS     

Runs for the Paris-Neuchâtel-Berne-Lausanne-Vevey-Montreux-St Moritz service.

1904-1940     VICHY EXPRESS

Runs between Paris and Vichy, three times a week between June 11th and September 3rd. In 1909 this train is renamed the ” Vichy Royal Express”.

1906-1917     TRANSSIBERIAN EXPRESS           

For the Moscow-Irkutsk-Kharbin-Vladivostok service, with, starting in 1921, a service from Kharbin to Pekin, Seoul and Fusan giving a connection by boat for Tokyo (see picture at Siberian Express)

1906-1919     SIMPLON EXPRESS        

For the service via le Simplon concerning Calais-Paris-Milan. The service is furthered in 1907 to Venice, and in 1912 to Trieste. It is cancelled in 1914 and starts again in 1919 under the name “Simplon Orient-Express”

The Simplon-Express on the French Nord lines, in 1908-1910. Le locomotive is a fast but not powerful Nord 4-4-0 class.

1907-(1907 ?)     BERLIN MARIENBAD CÀRLSBAD EXPRESS            

For the Berlin-Leipzig-Eger service.

1907-1908     DANEMARK EXPRESS    

For the Berlin-Marienbad-Copenhagen service.

1907-1914     EGYPT EXPRESS

This train takes charge from January to April, of the Berlin to Naples service for the North German Lloyds and it’s steam liners for Alexandria, and a transfer by train for Cairo.

1908-1914     LLOYD EXPRESS

Takes charge, from October 14th, of the Altona-Genoa service. Exists too with the name “Lloyd Riviera Express” between Altona-Berlin, and later on the service Amsterdam-Bale-St Moritz.


Service starting on January 18th for Rome-Florence-Genoa-Ventimiglia-Nice-Cannes.

1909-(1909?)    MOROCCO EXPRESS      

For the Madrid-Cordoba-Gibraltar service.


For the Rome-Naples-Palermo-Taormina service, with direct cars for Bologna-Berlin.

1909-1914     ANDALOUSIA EXPRESS  

Runs between Madrid and Sevilla.          

1909-(1909?)     COTE BASQUE EXPRESS

For the Paris-Biarritz-Hendaye service, and is later renamed as “Pyrénées Côte d’Argent Express”

1909-1914     GOTHARD EXPRESS       

For the Berlin-Frankfurt-Karlsruhe-Bale-Lucerne-Chiasso-Genoa service.

1903-1914     VIENNE TYROL CANNES EXPRESS            

For the Vienna-Bolzano-Cannes service, with cars for Budapest.

1919-(1920?)     PARIS PRAGUE EXPRESS             

For the Paris-Prague-Warsaw service.


For the Paris-Milan-Trieste service. In 1922, the train runs on the service linking Ostend-Bale, and later Calais-Paris-Milan-Trieste-Zagreb-Bucarest-Belgrade-Athènes-Sofia-Constantinople.

1923-2007     MÉDITERRANÉE EXPRESS           

Runs again from December 9th for the Calais-Paris-Marseille-Ventimiglia service. In 1929, the train has all steel cars painted in dark blue, and it takes the nickname of “Train Bleu” which is official after the Second World War.

Train Bleu in Cannes in 1932. Painted by Chris Ludlow.
Train Bleu in 1949, on the Riviera line, hauled by a 2-4-2 “R” class built in the USA (Marshall planà.

1923-1927     DEAUVILLE EXPRESS      

Runs between Paris and Deauville, with day sleeping-cars, and a “bar américain” in the dans la dining-car.

1923-1930     TRANSMANDCHOURIAN EXPRESS          

For the service Kharbin to Vladivostok via Manchuria service, and runs only after the impossibility of using the Russian TRANSSIBERIAN direct and shorter line.

1925-1935     MILAN CANNES EXPRESS            

Service starting on December 15th and for Milan-Genoa-San-Remo-Cannes.


For the Paris-Bale-Innsbruck-Salzburg-Vienna service, on the route of the future “Arlberg Orient Express”.

Arlberg-Orient-Express seen in Austria at St-Anthon in 1946..

1927-1969     FLÈCHE D’OR    

Takes charge of from September 11th, of the Paris-Calais part of the Paris-London service, with a connection by boat for Dover. The train “GOLDEN ARROW” takes the service between Dover and London.

A Flèche d’Or driver, wearint the traditional French “bérêt”, and his Nord class “E” Chapelon Padific, at Calais running sheds, in the 1960s.


Runs between Paris and Trouville.


Service starting on September 15th for the Paris-Zurich-Bale-Berne-Interlaken-Milan service.

The Gotthard-Pullman-Express and it’s pawerful Swiss electric Ae 4/7 locomotive.

1927-1966     ANATOLIE EXPRESS       

Takes charge, from July 1st, of the Haydarpasa-Ankara service.

Anatolian-Express in 1928.

1927-1957     ÉTOILE DU NORD           

Takes charge, from May 6th, of the Paris-Brussels-Anvers-Rotterdam-Den Haag-Amsterdam service.


Takes charge, on May 14 th, of the Boulogne-Paris-Nevers-Vichy service.

1928-1950     EDELWEISS       

For the Amsterdam-Brussels-Luxembourg-Strasbourg-Bâle-Zurich-Lucerne service.

Edelweiss and Rheingold, both together, hauled by a Ae 4/7 locomotive seen at Basel in 1928.


For the Paris-Ostend-Blankenberge-Knocke service.


For the  Calais-Lille-Bisaïeux-Tomai-Brussels service.

1929-1957     OISEAU BLEU   

Takes charge, on May 15th, of the Paris-Brussels-Anvers service.


For the Torino-Milano-Venice service.

1928-1928     ROMA NAPOLI PULLMAN EXPRESS         

Runs between Rome and Naples.


For the Milan-Bologna-Ancona service.


For the Milano-Genoa-Montecatini-Reggio service.


Takes charge, from June 27th, of the Ostend-Brussels-Liège-Aix-Köln service.

1929-1939     COTE D’AZUR RAPIDE   

Runs, from December 9th, from Paris to Ventimiglia. Has a “wagon-dancing” during the first services.

The Côte d’Azur Rapide in the 1930s behind a PLM Pacific.
Cote d’Azur-Rapide in the 1937 winter, startingt from the Gare de Lyon at Paris.

1929-1939     STAR OF EGYPT

For the Cairo-Luxor-Assouan-Shellal service.

The “Star of Egypt” in the 1950s.

1930-1977     TAURUS EXPRESS          

For the Haydarpasa-Ankara-Alep-Mossoul-Tripoli service.


For the Cairo-Luxor-Shellal service.

1929-1931     CARPATI PULLMAN EXPRESS     

Runs between Bucharest and Brasov.


Runs between Bucharest and Galatz.

1929-(1930?)     RAPIDE REGELE CAROL I             

Runs between Bucharest and Constance.


For the Sevilla-Grenada-Malaga service.

1931-1933     RIVIERA NAPOLI EXPRESS           

Takes charge, from January 3rd, of the Berlin-Francfort-Amsterdam-Cologne-Bâle-Milan-Rome-Naples-Nice-Cannes service.

Poster for the Riviera-Napoli Express in 1932.


Service starting on June 14th between Montreux and the Oberland-Bernois in metric gauge.


For the Rotterdam-Brussels-Paris-Marseille service.

1936-1939     NEDERLANSDCHE LLOYD EXPRESS          

For the Den Haag-Brussels-Paris-Turin-Genoa service.

1936-1977     PARIS LONDON FERRY BOAT     

Takes charge, from October 11th, of the Paris-London night service with direct through sleeping-cars. Later named Night Ferry.

Poster of 1936 for the Night Ferry

1936-1939     TYROL EXPRESS

For the Calais-Paris-Innsbruck-Salzburg service.

1943-1960     CATALUNA EXPRESS      

Runs, from November 6th, between Madrid and Barcelona.

1943-1960     LUSITANIA EXPRESS      

Runs, from July 20th, between Madrid and Lisbon.

1945-1968     ANKARA EXPRESS          

Runs once a week, between Haydarpasa and Ankara.


For the Amsterdam-Copenhagen-Stockholm service. In January 1948, le train is limited at  Copenhagen. Runs again in 1949 for the Hamburg-Vienna service. In 1950, is renamed the “Scandinavia Holland Express”.


Takes charge of the Stockholm-Frankfurt-Lucerne-Zurich service. In 1949, le train is furthered from Rome to Coire with the name “Scandinavia Suisse Italie Express”. In 1951, it has direct cars for Nurnberg and Vienna.

1948-1950?     MAROC EXPRESS           

Service starting on June 15th on the Paris-lrun-Madrid-Algesiras service, with a further service for Tanger and Casablanca.

1949-1962     GUNEY EXPRESS            

For the Haydarpasa-Ankara-Kurtulan service.

1949-1962     DOGU EXPRESS

Runs between Haydarpasa and Erzurum.

1949-1966     EGE EXPRESS    

Runs between Ankara and Smyrna.

1949-(1970?)     THERMAL EXPRESS        

For the Paris-Clermont-Ferrand-Vichy service.

1952-1988     TÀUERN EXPRESS          

For the Ostend-Amsterdam-Cologne-Munich service

The last days of the CIWL empire in 1949. The “trains de luxe” are trying to survive to the war, but the airplane low cost transportation system is no the ennemy of a beautiful ans romantic way of life.


We give here, to compare informations, the most wellknown an outsanding work made by excellent historians such as Behrend, Muhl, Kelin, Perret, Stockl in their different books :

(WL= sleeping car, WR=dining-car, WS=saloon-car, F=luggage van).

(The * shows that the train is still running but no more as a CIWL train)

1882-1882 Train Eclair Paris-Vienne WL, WR, F du 7 jusqu’au 13 octobre (Train de Luxe d’essai)

1883-2009 Express d’Orient Paris-Giurgiu, later Orient-Express Paris-Constantinople WL, WR, F

1883-1884 Calais-Nice-Rome-Express Calais-Paris-Nice-Rome WL, WR, F

1884-1885 Calais-Nice-Express WL, WR, F

1887-1971 Sud-Express Paris-Madrid/Lisbonne WL, WS

1887-1889 Riviera-Express Marseille-Menton WL, WR, WS, F

1889-2007 Calais-Méditerranée-Express Calais-Paris-San Remo WL, WR, F. Renamed Train Bleu in 1949

1889-1889 Méditerranée-Express. Paris-Nice-San Remo WL, WR, F . As a complementary train to the Calais-Méditerranée-Express

1889-1899 Paris-Bordeaux-Express Paris-Bordeaux WS, F (Runs during three months only)

1889-1889 Hendaye-Luchon-Express

1889-1890 Marseille-Nice-Express Marseille-Nice WS, F

1889-1893 Club-Train (trajet France) Paris-Calais WS, WR, F

1889-1893 Club-Train (UK part) Douvres-Londres WS, WR, F

1889-1889 Royan-Express Paris-Royan WL, WR, F (Runs during three months only)

1890-1914 Peninsular-Express Calais-Brindisi WL, WR, F

1890-1914 Malle des Indes Brindisi-Calais WL, WR

1890-1914 Suisse-Express Amsterdam-Ostend/Berlin-Lucerne/Coire, WL, WR, F

1890-1902 Rome-Express Calais-Paris-Rome/Florence WL, WR, F

1891-1891 Suisse-Express  Calais-Laon-Reims-Lucerne WL, WR, F

1891-1895 Pyrénées-Express Paris-Biarritz/Londres WL, WR, F

1894-1939 Ostend-Vienna-Express Ostend-Vienna WL, WR, F

1895-1939 Oberland-Express Paris-Interlaken WL, WR, F. From 1904 on: between Calais and St. Maurice

1895-1897 Calais-Interlaken-Engadine-Express, WL, WR, F

1896-1898 Vienna-Milano-Express Vienne-Milan WS, WR, F

1896-1939 Nord-Express Paris/Ostend-St.Petersbourg WL, WR, F. Later: Warsaw/Riga—Moscow branch added.

1896-1897 Vienna-Cannes-Express, WL, WR, F

1897-1939 Bombay-Express Calais-Marseille WL, WR, F

1897-1898 Gibraltar-Express WL, WS (later part of the Sud-Express)

1897-1914 Nord-Sud-Brenner-Express Berlin-Verone WL, WR, P. puis Milan-Cannes jusqu’en 1914

1898-1902 Calais-Lucerne-Engadine-Express WL, WR, F, In 1901 : via Paris

1898-1914 St-Pétersbourg-Cannes-Express St. Pétersbourg à Podwoloczyska WS

1898-1939 Cairo-Luxor-Express ou Star of Egypt, WL, WR, F. In 1925 : Assouan-Shellal Added.

1898-1917 Siberia-Express Moscou-Irkoutsk WL, WS. In 1906 only to Vladivostok. Later named Transsiberian-Express

1898-1900 Londres-Express Paris-Londres WL, WR, F

1899-1899 Amsterdam-Mons-Express Amsterdam-Mons WS, ‘WR, F. One month only.

1900-1914 Riviera-Express Berlin/Amsterdam. WL, WS, WR, F. Untill 1914 : reaches Vintimille

1900-1902 Berlin-Budapest-Orient-Express Berlin-Budapest-Constantinople. WL, WR, F

1900-1914 New-York-Express Paris-Cherbourg WS, WR, F

1900-1914 Transatlantique-Express Paris-Le Havre WS, WR, F

1901-1902 Amsterdam-Engadine-Express Amsterdam-Francfort-Bâle-Coire WL, WR, F

1901-1902 Berlin-Suisse-Express (?) WL, WR, F

1901-1906 Engadine-Express Paris-Calais-Coire WL, WR, F

1901-1939 Carlsbad-Express Paris-Karlsbad WL, WR, F. Later Calais-Prague

1901-1914 Savoie-Express Paris-Chambéry-Evian. WS, WR, F. Later: reaches Genève  

1902-1907 Paris-Rome-Napoli-Palermo-Express WL, WS, WR, F

1902-1903 Tunis-Oran-Express Tunis-Oran WL, WR, F

1902-1914 Berlin-Napoli-Express Berlin-Napoli WL, WR, F, WS. Later : Palerme/Taormina added.

1902-1902 Napoli-Palerma-Express WR, WS, F

1902-1905 Engadine-Express Calais-Interlaken-Coire, WL, WR, F

1903-1929 Barcelona-Express Paris-Port Bou-Barcelone WL, WS, WR, F

1903-1903 Paris-Aix-les-Bains-Express WS, WR, F

1904-1914 Paris-Barcelone-Express WL, WR, WS, F. Départ Gare de Lyon, puis Orsay

1904-1910 Cabourg-Express Paris-Cabourg, F. Later part of to the Trouville-Express

1904-1924 Trouville-Express, later Trouville-Deauville-Express in 1923 WS, WR, F

1904-1949 Vichy-Express Paris-Vichy WS, WR, F. In 1909 reaches Royat.

1904-1904 Dauphiné-Savoie-Express Paris-Evian/Chambéry/Genève

1904-1914 Berlin-Vienna-Express Berlin-Vienne/Carlsbad, WS,WR,F,WL.Later reaches Marienbad

1906-1906 Oberland-Express Calais-Paris-Interlaken WL, WR, F

1906-1919 Simplon-Express Calais-Milan WL, WR, F. Later Venise/Trieste in 1912, then part of the SOE

1907-1914 Paris-Rome-Naples-Palermo-Taormina-Express WL, WR, WS, F

1907-1908 Danemark-Express Berlin-Warnemunde-Gedser-Copenhague WL, F

1907-1914 Egypt-Express Berlin-Napoli WL, WR, F, in connection with the Nord-Sud-Brenner-Express

1908-1914 Lloyd-Express Hambourg/Atlona-Gênes WL, WR, F .Will join the Riviera-Express’

1908-1914 Rome-Cannes-Express Rome-Florence-Cannes WL, WR, F

1909-1914 Vienna-Rome-Express Vienne-Rome-Palerme/ WL, WR, F, later reaches Taormina

1909-1939 Côte-Basque-Express Paris-Irun-Biarritz WL, WR, F. In 1921 becomes the Pyrénées-Côte d’Argent-Express

1911-1914 Gotthard-Express Berlin-Genes WL, WR, F

1911-1914 Berlin-Engadine-Express Berlin-Bâle-Coire WL, WR, F

1911-1914 Andalusia-Express Madrid-Seville WL, WR, F

1913-1914 Vienna-Tyrol-Riviera-Express Vienna/Budapest-Bolzano WL, WR, F Jusqu’en 1914 : dessert Cannes

1919-1961 Simplon-Orient-Express Paris-Constantinople (1921 : starts from Calais), WL, WR, F, later Athènes/Bucarest par WS

1919-1935 Bombay-Express Calais-Marseille WL, WR. In 1935 : becomes the P&O Overland-Express

1920-1921 Boulogne-Paris-Ostend-Vienna-Warsaw-Express (Boulogne/Paris)-Ostende-Vienne/Varsovie WL, VR, F

1921-1921 Boulogne-Paris-Ostend-Vienna-Prague-Warsaw-Express WL, VR, F

1923-1927 Deauville-Express  Paris-Deauvilie WL, WR, and BritishWSP, F

1923-1939 Transmanchurian-Express Manchuria-Charbin WL, WR, F  Vladivostok/Changchun

1924-1939 Suisse-Arlberg-Vienna-Express. Calais-Paris-Vienne WL, WR, F

1925-1928 Ostend-Vienna-Express Ostende/Amsterdam-Bucarest  WL, WR, F. In 1928 : reaches Istanbul

1925-1935 Milan-Cannes-Pullman-Express. Milan-Cannes WSP, F (First Pullman express train)

1926-1927 Train with only sleeping-cars Rome-Milan WL via Florence

1926-1939 Train with only sleeping-cars Rome-Turin WL

1926-1939 Train with only sleeping-cars Rome-Trieste WL

1926-1939 Train with only sleeping-cars Rome-Reggio-Syraioas WL, WR Palermo

1926-1929 Milan-Venice-Pullman-Express Milan-Venise WSP, F

1926-1929 Milan-Genoa-Montecattini-Express WSP, F

1926-1969 Flèche d’Or Paris-Calais WSP, F

1927-1939 Deauville-Pullman-Express Paris-Deauville WSP, F

1927-1931 Gotthard-Pullman-Express Bale-Zürich-Milan WSP, F

1927-1957 Etoile du Nord Paris-Amsterdam WSP, F

1927-1930 London-Vichy-Pullman-Express. Calais-Paris-Vichy WSP, F

1927-1939 Calais-Bruxelles-Pullman-Express. Calais-Bruxelles WSP, F

1927-1927 Turin-Cannes-Pullman-Express. Turin-Nice-Cannes WSP

1927-1929 Milan-Ancona-PuIlman-Express Milan-Ancona WSP

1927-1966 Anatolie-Express  Haydarpasa(Istanbul)-Ankara WL, WR, F

1928-1950 Edeiweiss Amsterdam-Zürich/Luzern WSP, F

1928-1928 Paris-Côte-Belge-Pullman-Express Paris/Ostende-Knokke-le-Z.,WSP britanniques, F

1928-1939 Turin-Venice-Pullman-Express Turin-Venise

1928-1928 Rome-Naples-Pullman-Express. Rome-Naples WSP

1929-1957 Oiseau Bleu Paris-Anvers WSP, F Becomes a TEE en 1957

1929-1939 Ostend-Köln-Pullman-Express. Ostend-Köln WSP, F

1929-1939 Côte-d’Azur-Pullman-Express. Paris-Vintimiglia WSP, F

1929-1931 Carpati-Pullman-Express Bucarest-Brasov (does not run at night)-Kronstadt WSP

1929-1939 Dunarea-Danubiu-Pullman-Express Bucharest-Galatz WSP

1929-1939 Sunshine-Express  Cairo-Luxor WSP

1929-1939 Train with sleeping-cars only Paris-Marseille-Vintimiglia WL, WR

1929-1939 Train with sleeping-cars only for Varsovie-Poznan WL Three classes

1930-1977 Taurus-Express Haydarpasa-Nisibin-Rayak and reaches Bagdad in 1940. WL, WR, F 

1931-1939 Golden-Mountain-Pullman-Express. Montreux—Interlaken WSP, WR Metric gauge

1931-1933 Riviera-Naples-Express Amsterdam/Beriin-Cannes-Rome/Rapalio WL, WR, F

1932-1939 Danubiu-Pullman-Express Bucharest-Galatz WS, F

1932-1962 Arlberg-Orient-Express vers Bucharest/Athènes

1935-1939 P&O Overland-Express Calais-Marseille WL, WR, F

1933-1939 Fulger-Regele-Carol 1 (Express-Roi-Carol 1er) Bucharest-Costanza WSP, F

1936-1939 Rotterdam-Lloyd-Express Rotterdam-Marseille WL, WR, F

1936-1939 Nederlandsche-Lloyd-Express Den Haag-Paris-Turin-Gênes WL, WR, F

1936-1977 Night Ferry Paris-Londres WL, F. En 1956: WL Bruxelles-Londres incorporé

1936-1939 Tyrol-Express Calais/Paris-Salzburg WL, WR, F

1943-1960 Lusitania-Express Madrid-Lisbonn

1943-1960 Catalunya-Express Madrid-Barcelona

1945-1966 Ankara-Express Haydarpasa (Istanbul)-Ankara WL, WR, F*

1946-1957 Barcelona-Express Paris-Barcelona WL, WR, F

1948-1960 Scandinavia-Switzerland-Express Stockholm-Copenhagen-Gothard-Rome WL, WR, F

1948-2009 Rome-Express Paris-Rome WL, WR, F

1951-1962 Dogu-Express Istanbul (Haydarpasa)-Erzurum WL, WR, F*

1951-1962 Guney-Express Istanbul (Haydarpasa)-Diyarbakir WL, WR, F*

1953-1988 Tauern-Express Ostend-Salzbourg-Athens/Istanbul WL, WR, F

1953-1971 Austria-Express Amsterdam/Hoek van Holland-Klagenfurt WL, WR, F

1953-1971 Adria-Express Copehagen-Salzburg-Venice/Ancôna WL, WR, F

1953-1971 Hollande-Italie-Express Amsterdam-Hoek van Holland-Rome WL, WR, F

1957-1971 Pannonia-Express Berlin-Bucharest (?)WL, WR, F*

1957-1971 Riviera-Express Amsterdam-Vintimiglia WL, WR, F*

1958-1971 Yougoslavia-Express Ostend-Dortmund-Munchen-Belgrade WL, WR, F

1958-1970 Balkan-Express Vienna-Graz-Istanbul/Athènes WL, WR, F*

1960-1971 Italia Stockholm-Oslo-Milan-Rome WL, WR, F

1960-1971 Lombardia-Express Paris-Venice WL, WR, F*

1960-1971 Paris-Scandinavie-Express Paris-Ostende-Stockholm WL, WR, F

1960-1971 Suisse-Express Stockholm-Milano WL, WR, F

1961-1971 Chopin Vienna-Warsaw WL, WR, F

1962-2009 Direct-Orient Paris-Istanbul/Athens WL, WR, F

1963-1971 Hellas-Express Dortmund-Athens/Istanbul WL, WR, F*

1963-1971 Istanbul-Express Munich-Athens/Istanbul WL, WR, F

1965-1971 Flandres-Riviera Calais-Vintimiglia WL, WR, F*

1968-1971 Akropolis Munich-Athens WL, WR, F*

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